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Stay Focused on the Here and Now!

Stay Focused Counseling, LLC guides you through various aspects of your life that all converge into a place where you find happiness, fulfillment, and meaning. It is designed to help you make better choices and grow as a person.

Everybody has a unique Pathway to Success. We will design the steps you need to take to reach the destination that brings you and the world around you the highest level of satisfaction. You can change for the better, and we are here to help! For more on our personal, alcohol, and any other healthy living counseling in Madison, WI, contact us today.

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Stay Focused is In Step With Your Goals!

Counseling in Madison, WI

Stay Focused on Healthy Living

Stay Focused on Healthy Living explores your Health and Wellness. Your sense of well being is continually under pressure to encounter the world under a variety of factors that include diet, exercise, mood, and your thoughts and feelings about your self-worth. Your sobriety is key. We will examine these factors so you can address your mental health and be comfortable with your existence. SFC will help you manage your leisure time and develop strategies to best utilize your time.

  • To those accepted into Dane County Human Services CCS (Comprehensive Community Services), SFC provides a wide array of psychosocial rehabilitation services to help In Step members achieve their highest possible level of independent functioning, stability, and independence, and to facilitate recovery. SFC provides Medication Monitoring, Individual Skill Development and Enhancement, Employment-Related Skill Training, Individual and/or Family Psycho education, Wellness Management and Recovery/Recovery Support Services.


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Alcohol Treatment in Madison, WI

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Stay Focused on Healthy Relationships

Stay Focused on Healthy Relationships provides education on remaining non-assaultive and non-threatening. We all have the potential to be violent, abusive, or controlling. In addition, we are constantly faced with stressors that give rise to the possibility of our acting in a hurtful or regretful way. We will break down your role in the relationship to improve everything you contribute. You will learn about the Model of Self-Control. SFC will focus on helping you improve your relationships with peers and family and to build a pro-social network.


Stay Focused on Freedom

Stay Focused on Freedom centers on Cognitive Restructuring or revising your thinking and perceptions of the world. Just as antisocial cognition is the number one criminogenic factor that causes criminal behavior, so too do your thoughts shape every aspect of your life. We will analyze these very thoughts that influence your feelings, which, in turn, govern your behavior for which you need to take responsibility. SFC will use Motivational Interviewing techniques to help support you.

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Stay Focused on Career Development

Stay Focused on Career Development delves into shaping and honing your career goals. We begin by determining what gives your life purpose and figuring out what specialty areas you want to grow personally and professionally. We will come up with a strategy for preparing you for the work arena and presenting yourself in the best possible light. You will learn to take calculated risks and strive to become an expert in the subject matter that you are most passionate. SFC will help you write resumes, build interviewing skills, and get information about job fairs and other job opportunities. SFC will also help members explore options and formulate a plan to further their education.

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Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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