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About Mitch Turner

Mitch Turner

I attended UW-Madison from 1986-90, receiving a B.A. with a Major in Psychology; and 1992-94, an M.S. in Counseling. For 20+ years, I served the State of Wisconsin Department of Corrections as a Probation / Parole Agent. A disproportionate number of clients on my caseload had significant mental health issues. Having served as Motivational Interviewing Ambassador to D.O.C. for 3 years, I learned to elicit reasons for change that is held within someone. I have worked for Goodwill Industries, Catholic Charities, Tellurian, and Family Service in a clinical capacity. On 3-1-19, I became a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC 7290-125). On 2-28-18, I obtained my Substance Abuse Counselor Training License (SAC-IT 18473-130) which is valid until 2-28-21. I am a Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) Network Provider at Dane County Human Services and currently provide a variety of services to that population.

Throughout my career, I encountered people from all walks of life, including the homeless, chronically mentally ill, intellectually challenged to substance abuse addicts and those that are suicidal. I have had extensive experience and educated on domestic violence and working with perpetrators. I have been on a personal crusade to gain as much knowledge as possible about nutrition and fitness.

I realized that I could combine my passion for nurturing mental health with my extensive work experience to develop a program that will help people stay focused on health and wellness, relationships, freedom, and career development. I seek to help people struggling to find their footing in life, become successful regardless of any obstacles or challenges they face. I am dedicated to solving problems I have encountered as well as those of others, spending every day studying new and innovative trends and discoveries. It is my belief that everyone has a purpose in life; it is never too late to improve the rest of yours.

I have developed the program "Stay Focused" which is taking shape every day. I created the Model of Self-Control to help someone remain non-assaultive and non-threatening regardless of any curveballs thrown their way. I’ve learned the top criminogenic factors are one’s thinking and their relationships with family and peers. I’ve discovered if you find something you are passionate about, you will never work a day. I’ve designed a program that will prioritize and organize these areas. It gives me great pleasure to help you find peace and happiness. It is my mission to help you Stay Focused on Your Goals!

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