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Experience Alternatives to Incarceration in Madison, WI

When faced with the prospect of spending time in jail, many turn to Stay Focused Counseling, LLC for another option. My name is Mitch Turner, and I bring a unique combination of training and experience to the table. My background in personal counseling and my work for local family service groups has fueled my passion for helping others on the verge of incarceration.    

I worked as a probation and parole agent from April of 1996 to November of 2017, and during that time I prepared many pre-sentence investigations, revocation summaries, and staffed cases to determine viable alternatives to incarceration in Madison, WI. I have personally seen the power that therapy can have on the rehabilitation process over the course of two decades of service. 

Critical Court Services

My experience in the courthouse makes a difference in this regard. In addition to my Professional Counselor Training License (LPC-IT 1829-226) and extensive education, I have seen judges and hearing examiners swayed by the defendant's attitude and what steps that individual has taken to make positive changes in his or her life. I know it has a significant impact in the courtroom when somebody is available to serve as a counselor and a mentor. Having a caseworker or anyone else capable of holding the offender accountable in the courtroom can change the course of a sentencing hearing.

A Positive Influence

At every step of the process, from the beginning of pre-sentencing to the final crack of the gavel, I will be there for you. I am ready to provide assessment and counseling that could act as an alternative to imprisonment. When you enter the courtroom for your final sentencing, demonstrate to everyone that you are capable of taking responsibility for your actions and your behavior. 

With a proven counselor at your side, you can show your commitment to making positive changes in your life. The plan of action that we develop together can help you stay out of trouble going forward. Make a positive contribution to society and improve your standing in the community with a commitment to a better life.

I am ready to help you develop healthy relationships with the people you love and the community around you through therapy and counsel. When you focus on building a career and establishing goals for your life, you can demonstrate to the courts that you are ready to rejoin society.

Contact this office for a mentor that offers alternatives to incarceration. This practice proudly serves the people of Madison, Wisconsin, and surrounding communities.