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Overcoming Thinking Traps

This includes All or Nothing, Avoiding, Closed-Minded, Helpless, Pride, Exaggerating / Minimizing, Not Taking Responsibility, and Jumping to Conclusions.

We take a look at various situations which you may find yourself and how you responded. We will then examine your thoughts, feelings, and ultimately behaviors that followed in order to develop new ways to interrupt your chosen automatic thoughts.

The ramifications of your improved thinking will yield better results and take you down a higher path!

Examining Cognitive Distortions

Our beliefs that guide our decisions and set the tone for our actions can be analyzed and challenged for their veracity. For example, "I must be perfect or others will have a low opinion of me" may be assumed to be true, but, in fact, is not. There may be a chain reaction of events that arise as a result of erroneous thinking.

We will look at the framework of your thoughts and beliefs that shape your feelings and ultimately your behavior. We will break down your self-talk replace those negative and self-defeating beliefs with healthy and positive messages.

You will make better choices that will take you down the right path!

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Learning From Mistakes

We all make mistakes and are flawed. However, learning how to correct our errant ways and becoming more adept on handling various aspects of our lives is what makes each of us great. The real success is learning to master the skill of systematically analyzing your behavior and how to correct or improve upon it for your personal and the greater good.

We review and practice the necessary steps in reflecting on what we did wrong or could have done better, and come up with a plan on how to best handle the situation when again faced with it. We don’t know exactly how we will fare at something unless we try. Once we reflect on the way we’ve handled it, we’ll be better prepared to directly face the problem in the future.

Here you will not be judged. Instead, you will be supported and encouraged to regroup and revise your task in a more effective manner!


Each of us is unique and has a vast amount of differing experiences, knowledge, and talents.

Just like the neurons in the brain that interact with each other, so do human beings interact to form one brilliant mechanism.

Think about all that has been created (computers, airplanes, and television, etc.) and imagine just one person creating something like that on their own. Impossible. But together, with all of our minds combined, the sky is the limit!

We view the world from your perspective, recognizing your talents and abilities, but don’t lose sight of all the greatness your fellow human beings have to offer.

We learn to find the goodness in everyone and cherish all opportunities we have to gain insight and grow from our interactions with each other!

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Engaging Prosocial Others

Your friends and associates can have a profound impact on your choices, decisions, and behavior. Surrounding yourself with positive models, positive influences, and a positive support network is critical to your success.

As they say, it’s not only a matter of what you know that will get you places, but rather who you know that is key.

We will discuss those individuals that are a part of your life and determine how this is shaping who you are and affecting you. We will explore what steps you can make to improve this situation and put yourself in the best position to stay connected to the most optimal support system for you!

Problem Solving

This begins with defining the problem. Once we’ve identified what needs attention, we generate as many alternatives as possible. We then choose and implement this option. We finally evaluate our response for its effectiveness.

We will explore the problematic areas you face and brainstorm various ways to address those aspects of your life you would like to change.

We will come up with solutions to your problems and give you the confidence and skills necessary to take on future challenges!

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Decision Making

The key to making good decisions is to carefully weigh the pros and cons to a behavior in which you choose to engage. Doing a cost-benefit analysis to determine what and how much energy to invest and what returns can be expected is wise. The risk is generally directly proportional to the reward.

My view is the greatest reward has the most staying power and the "quick fix" should be avoided when the better alternative involves working towards something with a strong foundation.

We will identify critical decisions that need to be made in your life. We will break down both the short-term and long-term ramifications of your choices.

We will teach you the necessary skills so that your decisions will positively affect you and all the lives you touch.

Positive Thinking

Think you can, think you can’t. Either way, you’re right! Words shape your attitude, outlook, and perspective in life.

Your subconscious mind interprets your thoughts literally. Keep your thoughts framed in positive language and in the here and now. For example, instead of saying, "I will not gain weight," say, "I am becoming more fit and trim each and every day!"

We will design affirmations to fit your lifestyle and address your personal needs. We will formulate these words to be totally positive and self-motivating.

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