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Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Madison, WI

Remaining alcohol and drug-free is an important goal for many people, particularly those that specific types of substances interfere with their lives.

Alcohol Treatment in Madison, WI

The use of alcohol and drugs can negatively impact one's relationships, employment, physical and emotional health, and one's criminal record that will leave a lasting impression and systematically destroy one's life and those around them.

Coming up with a relapse prevention plan may be necessary to stay clean. Support and Alcohol & Drug Treatment in Madison, WI, is available to find new ways to stay sober.

Effective 11-15-2020, I was promoted to Clinical Supervisor at Madison West Comprehensive Treatment Center which is part of Acadia Healthcare. I have been a Substance Abuse Counselor at Madison West CTC since 4-15-19. My credentials CSAC and CS-IT are pending with the Department of Safety and Professional Services.

At Madison West CTC, I created a Relapse Prevention Program which consists of three parts: Here and Now (Mindfulness), Looking Back at the last week (successes, challenges, goal progress), and Looking Forward at the upcoming week (Topic of the Day e.g. Gratitude, Positive Affirmations, Relapse Prevention Plan 3 Power 3 - Top 3 coping skills, support people, and resources {may change each week [Think of Power Ratings]}, and Sprint to the Finish - Requests for Future Topics, Takeaway from group, SMART goal for next meeting).

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